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DEFRADepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK government; formally MAFF)
DEFRADeficit Reduction Act of 1984
DEFRADepartment of Farming and Rural Affairs (UK)
DEFRADepartment of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs (London, England, UK)
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I'm very grateful for the opportunity and privilege to have served as Defra CSA.
She joined Defra in November 2015 as its group director of strategy, and has co-ordinated work on the domestic consequences of Brexit for Defra since the referendum in 2016.
Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds said: "Whilst the Welsh Government will rightly have responsibility for most policy areas affecting rural Wales, Defra will gain several important powers from the EU should Brexit take place.
Defra did so because it categorises all Welsh parishes as "high risk" areas due to Wales' blanket annual testing regime.
Defra said that it was possible Asian hornets could reappear in England next year and members of the public are urged to report any suspected sightings in the spring.
Defra says action is needed to tackle bovine TB but groups against the cull say it will have no impact and could lead to local populations of badgers being wiped out.
Defra is intending to postpone a ban indefinitely, planning instead to introduce a system of licensing and inspections.
Such date labels, which are only used for stock control reasons but are estimated to lead to over $18.9 billion of wasted food each, should no longer be used, according to DEFRA. DEFRA says 5 million tonnes of edible food is discarded by U.K.
Efra committee chairman Anne McIntosh said the review of food and farming regulations by the task force highlighted the steps required to curb Defra's culture of over-regulation and prompt implementation of the findings was an opportunity to transform Defra's approach.
He added: "Defra's review of waste policy will help small businesses to recycle more."
Northumberland is the least funded park authority and, as it is currently under-funded according to Defra's own funding formula, it claims it faces a disproportionately significant impact.
They used the meeting with EC officials and Welsh MEP's to claim that Defra's vision for less direct aid would destroy farming in Wales.