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DEFSDépartement d'Education et Formation Spécialisées (French: Department of Education and Specialized Training; Canada)
DEFSDuke Energy Field Services
DEFSDirect-Applied Exterior Finish Systems (building construction)
DEFSDen Europeiske Faglige Samorganisasjon (Norwegian: The European Trade Union Confederation; EU)
DEFSDeschutes Estuary Feasibility Study (Washington)
DEFSDetailed Evaluation of Facial Symmetry (medical engineering)
DEFSDecreasing Electric Field Stimulation
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We can see that the aforementioned schemes only consider some simple false data injection attacks launched by single compromised node (e.g., SEF, DEFS, GRPEF, and BECAN) or simple collusion attacks (e.g., GFFS, NFFS, and DSF).
"[...] Venezuela's claims that even if international law recognizes discriminatory takings, "plaintiffs have failed to plead facts to support it" because "the motivation for the expropriation was Venezuela's need for H&PV's uniquely powerful rigs." Defs.' Br.
- AEC Document Center: The industry's most extensive online portal for architects, engineers, contractors and dealers in search of information on beads, trims and control joints for stucco/plaster as well as EIFS and DEFS.
| 1970: Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova defS ected to the West during a visit to London by the Kirov Ballet.
Because footballer Scott Sinclair, who Hels split from in June after it was revealed that he'd been "sexting" other girls, was most defs present at her 23rd birthday party on Saturday (above right).
(56) This contentment of mind related to the love of God and of oneself "is not in fact distinguished from glory (by Defs. 25 and 30 of the Emotions)." (57) Insofar as we conceive of our own emotions and actions as having their source in ourselves (and ultimately in God), we rejoice in ourselves, or in other words, we experience contentment of mind, and we see ourselves and God as praiseworthy.
Par ailleurs, nous explique Conklin dans son dernier essai de l'ouvrage << Une theorie phenomenologique des droits humains de l'etranger >>, ces defs se manifestent a une echelle plus large dans l'elaboration du droit de la personne.
Not a lot of lil Mos Defs and Lupe Fiascos getting signed, but more Keefs and Wakas stay getting paid.
Table 2 Funneling of Homicide Defendants by File-Year (a) File- Defs. DE (Defs.) Capital Year Des.
Two adult cockatiels (birds 1 and 2), shown to be intermittent shedders of ABV4 by fecal reverse transcriptase PCR assay but otherwise in good health, were placed in isolation and inoculated by intramuscular injection with DEFs containing 8 x [10.sup.4] focus forming units (FFU) (12) of CT15.