DEFUDecember Economic and Fiscal Update (New Zealand)
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See also Shen Defu (1578-1642), Wanli yehuo bian, in Yuanming shiliao biji congkan.
(12) This conversion is not only consistent with the existing siyin impressions, which measure 6.6-6.9 cm, but also echoes Shen Defu and Wen Zhenheng's ascription of the siyin to the jingli siyin seal.
Li Defu, chairman of its parent company Tianjin Vcanland Group, said the two companies would push forward the development of China's stem-cell industry.
Short-term bone loss in HIV-infected premenopausal women.f Acquir Immune Defu: Synth: 2010;53:202-208.
The average results of the two strategies are shown in Table 6, where DaFu means data fusion and DeFu represents decision fusion.
Pictured with Camilla the Cow and Jeremy Holmes of Yummy Yorkshire are back row, from left, Joseph Hill and Ethan Phelan, middle row, from left, Josh Gower, Tom Wake, Jake Defu Long, Ben Wright, James Coneron, Ben McCourt, Toby Holmes, Leo Berry, Will Pringle and Finley Lewis and front row, from left, Oscar Jebson, Oliver Pickup, Daniel Ross, Stan Watson and Issac Stephenson.
Calls to Jiang Defu, the spokesman for China Film Group, the influential state-owned studio that made "Beginning of the Great Revival," went unanswered.
A similar call for reexamination of the more traditional assertions regarding the lack of egalitarian homosexual models appears in writings by the Chinese scholar Shen Defu (1578-1642).
We thank Chen Defu and Lu Yun for their assistance in the field and, Tao Guoda, Wang Hong, and Li Baogui for help in species identification.
It is clear enough that the Chinese were fascinated with the Burmese bells, which Shen Defu called the 'number one among all the aphrodisiacs.'