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In the New York Times Magazine obituary, "Edgar Degas, Greatest Draftsman of His Century (10/7/1917)," the writer describes his prowess of line, "He could have disciplined the turbulent Tintoretto to the finer sense of contour, Leonardo would have not disdained the science of his modeling, his line ran like a hunting dog to its prey.
Around 1879, Cassatt and Degas engaged intensely in what the deftly written wall texts--which are conveniently assembled in a free brochure--describe as 'experimentation'.
Together, the works by Degas and his circle provide a view of the cultural life of France in the second half of the nineteenth century, expanding our vision of Degas and giving a sense of the varied personalities and common interests of the time.
National Museums Liverpool's curator of European Art, Xanthe Brooke, explained: "The reason we're so pleased and delighted to have La Masseuse is because it relates so closely to our only Degas painting.
The National Museum Wales was selected to receive one of the Degas sculptures, while the painting was left specifically to the National Gallery in London.
The horse bronze by French master Edgar Degas, being shown by Oliver Fairclough, Keeper of Art at the National Museum
When Degas started to make a name for himself, he found that his paintings of dancers, horses or scenes of contemporary life sold at a premium compared to his nudes," according to Xavier Rey, curator of the exhibition which is jointly organized with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
A youthful self-portrait by Edgar Degas, painted in 1857-1858, was expected to go for between EUR417,819 and EUR537,195 but sold for EUR850,941.
Even Christie's officials seemed surprised by the failure of top works like the Degas, saying it there was great pre-sale interest and they expected active bidding.
And somewhere in the audience, capturing the ballerina's every move in art, is one of the leading impressionists of his generation, Edgar Degas.
Whereas previous artists had taken pains to fit discrete whole figures into their canvases, Degas and Lautrec were content to lop the figures.
This compact degas vessel and vacuum foreline trap combination is available for the degassing and deaeration of epoxies, gels, resins, slurries and urethanes.