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DEGASDESPEC (Decay Spectroscopy) Germanium Array Spectrometer
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A spokesman said: ''It is an exciting opportunity to connect people with Degas' artwork in a new way and bring it to life through digital content."
Searching for the girl in Degas's controversially received Little Dancer means understanding who the "little rats" were in the Paris Opera and what being an adolescent would have looked like before child labor protections became common.
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Forays into physiognomy, naturalism, Degas's unusual choice of wax for his medium, and the reviled, revered status of dancers offer possibilities for the mindset of the period.
Edgar Degas's mother, Celestine Musson, was from New Orleans, Louisiana.
But who is Degas? And why is his work so important?
Experts verified the artwork as Degas' "Les Choristes" ("The Chorus Singers"), which depicts a scene from the opera Don Juan.
The museum said it was delighted by the discovery of the painting, and also very happy to have the unframed canvas back in place within its extensive Degas collection.
Rather than selecting exhibits to demonstrate a particular facet or period of the artist's career, or answer a specific research question, the exercise becomes one of creating a series of interconnected 'case studies' that illuminate aspects of Degas's practice and process.
A founding member of the Impressionist group of artists, Degas was fascinated with daily Parisian life, finding inspiration from the day to day activities of the lower classes.
An odd couple in terms of temperament, gender, age, and nationality, Degas and Cassatt nevertheless shared an artistic sensibility and a thirst for experimentation.
Vingt dessins is a curated selection of twenty drawings, chosen by Edgar Degas from throughout his career and meant to engage the viewer in contemplation on his growth as a draftsman and skill in quality of line.