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He remained untreated, though it was not clear if he had offered a degh for his recovery.
On March 20, 2018, DEI, along with VEPCo, DEGH, and Questar, entered into a $6 billion amended and restated revolving credit agreement maturing March 2023.
In the kachcha dum method, the marinated meat is placed in the degh and the first layer of rice, which is about 30% done is spread over it.
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The tellings of "The Hook" Degh collects suggest that it is predominantly circulated among teenage and college-age girls, a detail that leads Alan Dundes to study the legend from a psychological perspective, claiming that its popularity reflects fears and anxieties about this dating custom, particularly for girls (31).
Similarly, Indian I Corps operating in the Sialkot Sector also committed all its three divisions including 1 Armoured Division at six points starting from JammuSialkot axis all the way to Degh Nadi; the fourth division (14 Division) could not be committed because it was not able to complete its movement in time.
Mean annual DDT concentrations in Catla catla fluctuated between a minimum of 3.240 [+ or -] 0.0274 [micro]g 1 at Before Hudiara nullafall (RB) and maximum of 3.389 [+ or -] 0.0166 [micro]g [g.sup.-1] at After Degh fall (RB) river sampling sites, respectively.
On a visit to Tokyo, I accompanied of the Muslims, the swastika of the Jains, the lamb of the Parsis, the Degh Tegh Fateh of the Sikhs, the chakra of the Dalits, the cross of the Christians and the symbol Om of the Hindus.
The sword (TEGH) is the Sikh symbol of responsibility and bravery, to protect the weak and hapless The cauldron or kettle (DEGH) signifies the communal kitchens of Sikhism or Guru ka Langar which teaches equality and humility by feeding all and sundry so that nobody sleeps on an empty stomach.
(17) Harbans Singh (1986): Degh Tegh Fateh, Chandigarh, Alam Publishing house, p.