DEHADi(2-ethylhexyl) adipate
DEHADelaware Healthcare Association
DEHADesulfitobacterium Hafniense
DEHADisabled Employees Health Assistance (Missouri)
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ATBC, ATEC, BPBG, Butyl Stearate, p-tert -Butyl phenyl salicylate, DBS, DEP, Diisobutyl Phthalate Packaging Bottle stoppers DBP, DEP, DEHP, DMP (4), DEHA (21), DBP/DnBP, DIDP, BBP/BBzP DEHP (41) ?
Recent tests show DEHP and DEHA levels diminish twofold to threefold in your urine if you haven't eaten food cooked or stored in plastic containers in a week.
DEHA is considered a lower-grade testosterone, is legal in the United States, and be purchased over the counter through certain nurtional supplement stores and suppliers.
Environmental Protection Agency says DEHA 'cannot reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer .
PVC foils, plasticized with DEHA (diethylhexyl adipate), are widely used in Canadian supermarkets (my own observation), as well in the U.
DEHA (di-[2-ethylhexyl] adipate) is a liquid plasticizer added to some plastic food wraps made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
In addition to being biodegradable, BioGreen Bottles are reusable, recyclable, top shelf dishwasher safe, and BPA, DEHA and DEHP free.
The error was compounded in a January 1999 article in The New York Times that picked up the error in Consumer Reports, suggesting that DEHA could disrupt the body's endocrine system.
All BioGreen Bottles are BPA, DEHA and DEHP free, top-drawer dish washer safe, and have wide neck openings that allow for easy hand washing and quick refilling.
A few years ago, scientists at Consumers Union detected high amounts of DEHA in cheeses that had been wrapped in PVC films.
DEHA was found to migrate into cheese during a recent Consumers Union test.
Elf Atochem has a highly developed upstream integration for its hydrogen peroxide which it uses to produce hydrazine hydrate, organic peroxides, sodium perborate, epoxy soya oil, sodium chlorite, DEHA, etc.