DEHADi(2-ethylhexyl) adipate
DEHADelaware Healthcare Association
DEHADesulfitobacterium Hafniense
DEHADisabled Employees Health Assistance (Missouri)
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There is also no dioxin 1 in PET nor is DEHA 2 not present in PET either as a raw material or as a decomposition product, DOA.'
All the investigated calibration curves were obtained by the acceptable correlation coefficients ([R.sup.2] > 0.99) at five concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 5 [micro]g/g for DBP, BBP, DEHA, DEHP, DNOP, and DOTP and from 0.15 to 15 [micro]g/g for DINP and DIDP, respectively.
This sort of farm-to-table dining is rare in the Deha, but Lee's menu made it look easy.
Similarly, district and town council candidates from Union Council No 29 Deha Bahadar also condemned rigging in LG polls and demanded re-polling in their constituencies.
"Most concern has centred around the phthalate DEHP or BEHP, which has been shown to cause women to give birth to boys with smaller genitalia and undescended testes, and DEHA, which may be a carcinogen and is known to cause liver problems," she said.
Plasticizers that have been found in PVC-based films include DEHA and phthalates such as DBP and DEHP.
Il nucleo della riflessione e il viaggio, inteso tanto come esplorazione del mondo esterno quanto deha propria interiorite.
Plastic wrap doesn't typically contain BPA or phthalates, but it often contains a plasticizer called DEHA. DEHA is not a phthalate but is chemically very similar to the phthalate DEHP, and it can migrate into foods, especially acidic ones.
"We are planning to invest in the tourism sector, we might build several hotels and bring tourists from Turkey to Macedonia and vice versa," said Director of the group, Deha Develi.
Deha Okyay, another suspect, said he was there to protect the trees in a peaceful protest.
Setting the scene just right with the "hall; banks of palms; a floor beneath them crowded with people's heads," Deha envisions Parnell at her side.
Alaska--Valerie Herrera, ANTHC/ DEHA, 3900 Ambassador Dr., Ste.