DEHAPDemokratik Halk Partisi (Turkish: People's Democratic Party)
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Following the 2002 parliamentary elections, two candidates from Sirnak, both members of the People's Democratic Party (DEHAP), filed a complaint against the Turkish government in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
DEHAP has regularly won around 60% of the popular vote in municipal elections in cities such as Diyarbakir and has a strong claim to being representative of a majority of the nation's Kurds.
Mr Wyn said Dehap was formed before the last election,partly in an attempt to pre-empt a ban on another pro-Kurdishparty,Hadep.
Some Kurds, for example, prefer to stress only their ethnic Kurdish identity through DEHAP, whereas others maintain their Kurdishness within the pro-Islamic JDP.
MEPs also condemned the political persecution of such political parties as HADEP and DEHAP. They were unhappy with the way the trial reopened against Sakharov Prize winner Leyla Zana and three other former DEP members of parliament was progressing and called for an amnesty for them.
Successive banning led the creation of the Democratic People's Party (DEHAP), People's Labor Party (HEP), People's Democracy Party (HADEP) and the Free Society Party (apparently, it never coined an acronym).
Messrs Verheugen and Gul also considered the judgement the Turkish supreme court of appeal handed down on September 29, confirming the earlier condemnation of the former leader of the main pro-Kurdish party, the Dehap, for electoral fraud.
It was also a bad election for the pro-Kurdish, left alliance DEHAP. This had been formed from the old People's Democracy Party (HADEP), which had been facing a closure case in the Constitutional Court, and a cluster of radical Left Wing parties.
POLITICAL PARTIES 2002 2004 2007 2009 Justice & Development Party (AK Party) 34.28 41.67 46.58 38.39 Republican People's Party (CHP) 19.39 18.23 20.88 23.08 Nationalist Action Party (MHP) 8.36 10.45 14.27 15.97 Democratic People's Party (DEHAP) 6.22 Social Democratic People's Party (SHP) 5.15 Democratic Society Party (DTP) 3.84 Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) 5.70 People's Democratic Party (HDP)+BDP People's Democratic Party (HDP) Other Parties 30.75 23.77 13.03 16.43 Independents 1.00 0.73 1.40 0.43 JUNE MAR.
In the early 1990s, the Left lost a significant number of votes to the Kurdish political movement, whose party organizations such as the HADEP, the DEHAP and the BDP robbed the center-left of roughly 4 points in each election thanks to their emphasis on the Kurdish ethnic identity.
DEHAP (Democratic People's Party), was formed as a reserve party in 1997, but in 2005 was turned into the DTP.
HADEP was later succeeded by the Democratic People's Party (Demokratik Halk Partisi, DEHAP) and the Democratic Society Party (Demokratik Toplum Partisi, DTP).