DEHMDiploma in Electro Homeopathy Medicine
DEHMDanish Eulerian Hemispheric Model (atmospheric modelling)
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For astute reconstruction of a variety of basic needs approaches in the context of broader struggles about human rights and economic development, see Julia Dehm, Highlighting Inequalities in the Histories of Human Rights: Contestations over Justice, Needs and Rights in the 1970s, 31 LEIDEN J.
Dehm, "Androgen receptor rearrangement and splicing variants in resistance to endocrine therapies in prostate cancer," Endocrinology, vol.
Dehm initially smuggled the young man out of Italy, then the pair made their way to Switzerland and then crossed over into Germany to reunite the immigrant with his father.
Air pollution exposure was modeled by the DEHM model [19] as municipal averages of yearly mean ambient species (in [micro]g/[m.sup.3]).
Los Angeles, CA, June 02, 2011 --( Join "Radio Green Talk" Host Diana Dehm, and listen to what the "The Greenest Man in Hollywood" Ed Begley, Jr.
In a statement published by, the Dehm tribes in Al-Jawf governorate announced their support for the right of those performing sit-ins in all governorates who are demanding the regime to be ousted, and the legitimacy of such peaceful protests as guaranteed by the constitution.
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The study by Stephanie Long, Ellen Roberts and Julia Dehm explores this challenge in their examination of global environmental NGOs efforts to block the UN-proposed Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation initiative.
In addition, testosterone increases muscle mass and strength by inducing hypertrophy of muscle fibres, and increasing myonucleus and MSC numbers (Mooradian et al., 1987; Dehm and Tindall, 2007).
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