DEHNRDepartment of Environment, Health & Natural Resources (North Carolina, USA)
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1986; Karr 1981; Kerans and Karr 1994; NC DEHNR 1997a; and Shields et al.
The Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) data collection was done in the summer of 1997, according to protocols described in NC DEHNR (1997a) by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) biologists and NRCS field scientists.
The Rocky River Watershed rating is in agreement with the Yadkin-Peedee River Basin Report (NC DEHNR 1997b).
SIPS will also aid in data archival as requested by DEHNR and assist with other telecommunications requirements.
Correspondence from, DEHNR, to Karen Priest (May 19, 1997).
On August 2, the DEHNR was notified of a similar outbreak during a second 4-week session at the camp.