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DEIDDelano-Earlimart Irrigation District (Delano, CA)
DEIDDepartment of Economics and International Development (University of Bath; UK)
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Images from Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn form the basis of A Turning Tide, the exhibition that opens at St David's Hall Galleries, Cardiff, tonight.
Deid is now that dyvour and dollin in erd: With him deit all my dule and my drery thoghtis.
Here is a small example, conveniently taken to exhibit one of many superb translations into English that Ricks has newly brought into the anthology: Thidder to the bray swarmit all the rout Of deid gaistis, and stud the bank about; Baith matrouns, and thair husbanis, all yferis, Ryall princis, and nobill chevaleris, Small childrin, and young damicellis unwed, And fair springaldis laitlie deid in bed, In fader and in moderis presens laid on beir.
"Heave awa lads, I'm no deid yet" was heard faintly and young Joseph McIver was dug from the rubble.
Liam asked why not and the little girl replied nonchalantly: "Cos she's deid!" Gary Morrison starring as Big Bad Ben in Snow White at the Ayr Gaiety several years back asked one of the chosen little boys on stage his name.
The resulting book, Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn, was published two years ago and now a series of Hughes' images from the publication are going on show at the Mission Gallery in Swansea this weekend.
FERGIE: (Shouting) Any of youse leak this minor tiff tae the f*** press and youse are deid men.
"Aye, lad; she's deid. Wherivor ye have livestock ye get deadstock."
"Lammer Wine" (heather ale) is produced in the Standard Habbie stanza made famous by Burns, and it even contains a stanza about him: "Gin [If] Burns hud artely hud wan drink / his statues warld-wide at wan wink / wad print oot rantin crambo-clink [doggerel] / in standirt habbie: / two centuries wad turn delinq- / uent as deid Rabbie." It will not be lost on aficionados that a McGonagallesque rhyme such as that in the penultimate line is exactly what drove the Punch writer to despair.
deid? Jane McCarry Jane said: "When we filmed the funeral, all evidence was destroyed and all the extras were sworn to secrecy.