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DEIDDepartment of Economics and International Development (University of Bath; UK)
DEIDDelano-Earlimart Irrigation District (Delano, CA)
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Fel yr awgrymes ar y dechrau, dwi i ddim yn Tsieina nac yng Nghaerdydd ond yn gorfod bod yn Maastricht yr wythnos hon ond, dyna fe, rwy wedi dod a thipyn o atgof o'r 'Steddfod gyda mi yma - drwy gludo cyfrol fendigedig Aled Rhys Hughes ac Iwan Llwyd Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn o Wasg Gomer.
While eagerly awaiting the next volume in his life story, and with all respect to his Ma, Janet, I offer Douglas the toast: Here's tae us, wha's like us ( damn few and they're aw deid.
Gyda chymorth Rhyw Deid yn Dod Miwn, cyfrol fendigedig sydd newydd gael ei chyhoeddi gan Wasg Gomer, mi fydd hi'n bosib mynd i lan y mor bob dydd, waeth ble rydych chi'n byw
Roy Keane looks like Thora Hird on a stair-lift - after she was found deid.
I'm not saying it's bad but half the players have been that badly injured the next chalk-lines we'll see on court will probably show the outline of a deid body.
Usually those who wrote it are by then out of office or deid.
Well," said the lady who answered ( "Ye canna speak to Goudie ( he's deid, but Harrison's aroond yet.
Damn few - and they're a' deid,' is fairly common among us.
I thought about Henry Brewis, whilst I was pondering over a deid yow in the quarry field the other morning.
We're going to have a week of the 'yer deid – no we urnie' debate, which ironically makes more sane folk want to do themselves in.
YOU know I was beginning to think he was deid or something.
The wee woman that ran the spooky night was a small, older, quite comical, sweet lady - but her cats were always deid.