DEINDepartment of Enterprise Innovation and Networks (Wales Assembly Government Department)
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DAVID DEIN claims Arsenal DO need his Russian roubles.
DAVID DEIN last night began a dramatic attempt to buy his way back into Arsenal four months after being ruthlessly ousted as vice-chairman in a bitter boardroom split.
DAVID DEIN has turned down THREE offers from Premiership clubs as he holds on to his hopes of a triumphant return to Arsenal.
DAVID DEIN is set to be offered a stunning return to football as Newcastle's new chief executive.
DAVID DEIN insists Arsenal "will do the maximum" to ensure captain Thierry Henry stays at the club.
DAVID DEIN has lost his position as vice chairman of the Football Association.
THE G 14 group of elite European clubs hopes the appointment of Arsenal's DAVID DEIN as its new chairman will allow it to settle its differences with Fifa and Uefa in an "amicable" manner.