DEITDipartimento Di Economia Istituzioni Territorio (Italian: Department of Economics Institutions Territory)
DEITDelhi Educational Institute for Teachers (India)
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Barangay Deit de Turag, which has 300 voters, is among villages classified as areas of concern in Silvino Lobos.
It has often been remarked that Marie's Prologue begins, in lines I've already quoted, with the Parable of the Talents: Ki Deus ad dune enscience E de parler bone eloquence Ne s'en deit taisir ne celer Ainz se deit voluntiers mustrer.
JAEGER (ed.), Gregorii Nyseni Opera, Brill, Leiden 1958-1996; An et res: De anima et resurrectione; Antirrh: Antirrheticus adversus Apolinarium; Beat: De beatitudinibus; Cant: In canticum canticorum; Deit Fil: De deitate Filii et Spiritus Sancti; Eccl: In ecclesiasten; Epist: Epistulae; Eun: Contra Eunomium; Fat: Contra fatum; Infant: De infantibus premature abreptis; Inscr: In inscriptiones Psalmorum; Maced: Adversus Macedonianos, De Spiritu Sancto; Mort: De mortuis; Or cat: Oratio catechetica; Perf: De perfectione; Ref Eun: Refutatio Confessionis Eunomii; Steph: In sanctum Stephanum; Thaum: De vita Gregorii Thaumaturgi; Theod: De sancto Theodoro; Trid Spat: De tridui spatio; Vit Moys: De vira Moysis; Virg: De virginitate.
Deid is now that dyvour and dollin in erd: With him deit all my dule and my drery thoghtis.
"Seigniurs," ceo dist, "pur Deu merci, Endreit de mei voil primes parler, Le men mesfet ne voil celer, 984 Si mesfet deit estre nome.
The Manuel des peches, for one, explains that 'Le manuel est apele | Car en mein deit estre porte' (it is called a manual because it is to be held in the hand).
Some of the formerly regular verbs had already lost the transparency of the past and past participle markers and were treated as "endingless" irregular variants: ppt said, maid/mayd, deit, pait/paid.
(5) According to this interpretation, Adam's extending his finger to impart to God the spark of life represents the leap of his imagination above the merely earthbound to conceive of a deit y who, because of Adam's immature spirituality, is cast in human form.
/ One must also lose hide and hair./Now let each see to it that ho employ great blows./So that bad songs not be sung about us!' (Roland 1009-1014 : 'Ben devuns ci ester pur nostre rei:/Fur son scignor deit horn suslfir destreiz/E endurer e granz chalz e granz freiz.
appears to us as polytheistic, on a deeper level it was monotheistic, all the diverse deit ies being conceived of as powers, aspects, qualities or attributes of Assur, who is often simply referred to as '(the) god"' (p.
DESIGNER DEIT. When famous fashion designer Nicole Miller was in town for a Boys & Girls shopping fund-raiser at Jacobson's on St.
Pur remembrer des ancesurs les feiz e les diz e les murs, les felunies des feluns e les barnages des baruns, deit l'um les livres e les gestes e les estoires lire a festes.