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DEJDéveloppons en Java (French: Develop in Java)
DEJDermal-Epidermal Junction
DEJDeferred Entry of Judgment (court mandated program for nonviolent drug offenders)
DEJDépartement des Études Japonaises (French: Department of Japanese Studies)
DEJDentino-Enamel Junction
DEJDeutsche Esperanto-Jugend (German: German Esperanto Youth)
DEJDouble Entry Journal (critical thinking activities notebook; various schools)
DEJDale Earnhardt, Junior
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La disponibilidad de las muestras usadas no permitio tomar algunos diametros entre DEJ (union dentino-esmalte) y Prd (cuspide mesio-bucal o 1), Med (cuspide mesio-lingual o 2), Hyd (cuspide disto-bucal o 3), End (cuspide disto-lingual o 4), Hyld (cuspide distal o 5) y Enld (cuspide 6) en la porcion izquierda de tercer molar inferior.
Overall, the results showed that restorative treatment in lesions extending up to the DEJ was proposed by 28.
Although the DEJ appears under a light microscope as a thin, straight line, higher magnifications reveal a scalloped structure that increases the contact surface between dentin and enamel, explains Grayson.
HRR and DEJ had participated in other experiments that were unrelated to this one.