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DEJDéveloppons en Java (French: Develop in Java)
DEJDermal-Epidermal Junction
DEJDeferred Entry of Judgment (court mandated program for nonviolent drug offenders)
DEJDépartement des Études Japonaises (French: Department of Japanese Studies)
DEJDentino-Enamel Junction
DEJDeutsche Esperanto-Jugend (German: German Esperanto Youth)
DEJDouble Entry Journal (critical thinking activities notebook; various schools)
DEJDale Earnhardt, Junior
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'I believe that [a world title shot] will happen if I get the win against Dej. Hopefully, I get to compete against one of the top contenders for the World Title, but right now, I'm only focused on Dej.'
El control de la region cuspidea del estadio secretor tenido con Hematoxilina-eosina, muestra el reticulo estrellado, esmalte, odontoblastos, DEJ, la dentina del manto y predentina (Fig.
She's quiet the entire time, reviewing some of the moodier, explicitly sexual tracks she's recorded for Liberated, the debut album fans have been waiting for since 2014's "Try Me," a surprise breakout single on which DeJ casts a small yet imposing shadow.
The footages that reportedly recorded on January 7 show the flaring meteor in the skies of Dej while it swiftly approaches the ground.
Lower primates keeper Neil Flockhart said: "Dakota and Dej hit it o straight away.
On his part, Executive Manager of East Sudan Reconstruction Fund (ESRF) Engineer Abu Obaidah Mohamed Dej said Kuwait-funded development projects in East Sudan, including 16 hospitals and 12 secondary and technical schools, have been almost completed.
Histopathologically, inflammatory infiltrates consisting mainly of T cells, B cells, and macrophages [5] in DLE accumulate in perivascular and periadnexal areas and at the dermoepidermal junction (DEJ), resulting in vacuolar interface dermatitis [6].
(NYSE MKT: DEJ / TSX: DEJ), a Vancouver, Canada-based oil and natural gas explorer and producer, has announced the successful spud of the Federal 6-7-15-27 directional well at its Kokopelli field located in Garfield County, Colorado.
The aim of this study is to determine the effect of underground microclimate from romanian Cacica and Ocna Dej salt mines on protein metabolism and hidroelectrolyte balance in different age Wistar white rats with induced pathology subjected to speleotherapy cure in mentioned salt mines.
Recommendations Sell Stricker/Johnson at2 Sporting BuyB DeJ onge finishing position at41 Sporting SellR Moore finishing position at42 Sporting
Soon after Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev exposed Joseph Stalin's crimes in February 1956, Several Stalinist dictators in Eastern Europe similar in outlook to Dej were discredited and successfully toppled by rivals: Hungary (Matyas Rakosi), Poland (Edward Ochab), and Bulgaria (Vulko Velev Chervenkov), as were Stalinist leaders in western communist parties, such as in Greece (Nikolaos Zachariadis).
discoid lesions, malar rash, photosensitivity and oral ulcers.1 The discoid lesions are characterized by sharply- marginated, scaly, infiltrated and later atrophic red discoid plaques, usually occurring on sun exposed areas.2 They have well-defined pathognomonic histological features, which help in confirming the diagnosis of chronic discoid erythematosus in majority of the patients.3 The principal immunologic finding of clinical relevance in cutaneous lupus erythematosus (LE) is the presence of immune deposits at dermoepidermal junction (DEJ) of the lesional skin i.e.