DEJUDark-Eyed Junco
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I'm indebted to Raul Deju for identifying this overlooked role in an article he wrote for Directors & Boards titled "What a Board Needs from Its General Counsel" [Second Quarter 2005].
In the grand scheme of governance, corporate counsel must serve a board in several roles, Deju explained: "They need to be teachers, educating a board on its responsibilities under the law; mentors, advising the board on opportunities, liabilities, and approaches; requestors, requesting board actions as appropriate; and executors, executing the board directives as assigned."
The performance last night was something of deju vu after Saturday's reversal against Cambridge United.
Eminem finally opens up about his drug-addled downward spiral on "Deju Vu." Feeling a kinship to Elvis Presley because both used to pass out on the bathroom floor, Eminem candidly confesses that his dependency troubles started with the shooting death of DeShaun Dupree Holton (aka Proof), his best friend and fellow D12 group member.
Numbers of birds and frequency of occurrence of seeds in digestive tracts of northern cardinals (NOCA), song sparrows (SOSP), dark-eyed juncos (DEJU), and white-throated sparrows (WTSP, 1982-1983 only) collected in eastern Texas during winter 1980-81, 1981-82, and 1982-83.
Cristina Luca (1,2), Alin Ciubotaru (1), Carmen Leferman (1), Radu Anghel (1), Elena Deju (2), Grigore Tinica (1,2)
61-70 Prezident straca kontrolu na vyvojom situacie a vyznamne rozhodnutia krajiny sa deju bez jeho suhlasu.
(54) 61-70: Prezident strica kontrolu na vyvojom situacie a vyznamne rozhodnutia krajiny sa deju bez jeho suhlasu.
The Shop Around the Corner bookstore carries a vast selection, including titles destined to be this season's bestsellers, while Deju Art features work by up-and-coming artists and is Scotland's only shop to have modern stained glassworks.
The weigh-ins enable keepers to spot evidence of monkey tricks at mealtimes when Obi Wan, Deju and Rio receive their daily rations.
The author acknowledges the assistance of BASF; 1ST, RadTech, NPIRI, Colleen DeKay, Paul Gupta and Deju Koziol