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DEKData Encryption Key
DEKDek Oncogene
DEKDesigner Emulation Kit (product)
DEKDanish Elite Killers (online gaming)
DEKDansk Elektroteknisk Komite (Danish Electrotechnical Committee)
DEKDesign Enablement Kit (semiconductors)
DEKDirect Entry Keypad (Motorola)
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On the printing side, as with SMT, squeegee length, angle and hardness, print pressure, gap and speed, and substrate flatness all play heavily into product quality, explains Darren Brown, alternative energy business manager of DEK.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery, transport and installation of approximately 3575 t of water blocks of size class CP 90/250 for Ufersi assurance measures at DHK and DEK.
Cognex vision systems are used in DEK equipment to align the screen or stencil to each circuit board prior to printing, and then to verify that the position and coverage of the stenciled solder paste is within acceptable limits.
These new cameras will allow DEK to dramatically increase the performance offerings for their customers.
The STC, which aims to lend support to the advanced solar development efforts of its customers, as well as DEK Solar technology and process innovation, has three solar cell metallization lines, metrology study tools for cell testing and an expert team of process development engineers, sales professionals, and service experts.
Although DEK does undertake additional, more global and formal customer support and retention initiatives in addition to the SEAs, we find the SEA program to be invaluable from a customer insight perspective.
As of July 2, DEK officially became ASM's Printing Solutions Division--the DEK brand remains in place--and in the third week of August, ASM held a global press event to celebrate, including facility tours at Siemens Electronic Works in Amberg, Germany, and at Siplace's headquarters in Munich.
Renewing our long-term relationship with DEK represents another key step in securing DEQ's global distribution strategy for the next several years.
On September 19 the BoD of DEK, which owns 100% of Far-Eastern Grid Company, will vote for the sale of Far-Eastern Grid Company to the Federal Grid Company (FEES RX) at the announced price.
DEK (Rhys Ifans) proposes to his girlfriend Shirley (Shirley Henderson) on TV.
DEK (Rhys Ifans) and Shirley (Shirley Henderson) live together with 12-year-old Marlene ( Finn Atkins), her daughter by the rough-and-ready delinquent Jimmy (Robert Carlyle) who disappeared years ago.