DELATDirect Enzyme-Linked Antiglobulin Test
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The materialities of text are here approached from critical perspectives derived from the concrete experience of publishing, as this pertains to the online archive and conversation platform AAAAARG, the print and digital publications of artist and activist group Chto Delat?, the blog I Cite, and the hybrid print/digital magazines Mute and Neural.
The project rightfully positions newer collectives like Public Movement, Chto Delat?, Voina, and Long March Project alongside legendary (yet still under-recognized) artists such as Suzanne Lacy, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst).
Shto delat? "What to do," as the Russians might ask?
Delta is using two charter flights to transport the volunteers, included in which are 11 Delat employees who will use their own holiday time to be part of the efforts.
2005/06:20 Delat barnbidrag vid vaxelvis boende, m.m.
(13) Empty preverbs Russian delat' 'to do' (IPFV) > s-delat' 'id.' (PFV) Georgian ak'etebs X does V (IPFV) > ga-ak'etebs X will do Y' Ossetic kaenyn 'to do' (IPFV) > s-kaenyn 'id.' (PFV) There is, however, no general agreement about the existence of empty preverbs; Isacenko [1968: 361-363], e.g., argues that in alleged aspectual pairs like pisat'/na-pisat' 'to write' the preverb na- cannot be considered deprived of any semantic content, because it clearly expresses a resultative nuance ("Bedeutungsschattierung des "erreichten Resultats der Handlung", p.
Petersburg foursome Chto delat? (aka What is to be done?) delivered by far the most impressive musical of the show, Perestroika-Songspiel: Victory over the Coup (2008), set in August 1991 during the dissolution of the USSR.
STOKE: Nash 6 - Griffin 6, Cort 7, Riggott 6, Dickinson 6 - *LAWRENCE 8, Whelan 6, Delat 7, Pearson 6 (Bothroyd, 71 mins) - Ameobi 6 (Pugh, 77mins), Cresswell 7.
Integration en samtidsspegling, begrepp, historia, politik och boende i ett delat samhallet.
In Novy Hyperion [The New Hyperion] I have used the Brandenburgers in Bohemia, in the film Co delat? [What is to be Done?] you hear the prelude from the Devil's Wall and in Bohemia Docta parts of the Bartered Bride.