DELETDiffusion-Enhanced Luminescence Energy Transfer
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In the case of Unblock-Youku, this malicious extension deletes the security option from HTTP response header through the use of onBeforeSendHeaders callback.
First, Kavita Kapadia Matsko and Karen Hammerness highlight UTEP's efforts to prepare its pre-service teachers for the challenges and intricacies of working in Chicago's public schools, Christian Dallavis and Anthony Holter outline the structure of the ACE's teacher formation for urban and rural Catholic schools across the US, and Sharon Feiman-Nemser explains how DeLeT equips its teachers to integrate a professional vision of academic excellence with Jewish identity.
The reader is left to wonder if the sample of 10 LA teachers within the 180-teacher nationwide ACE program is as robust as the sample of 10 teachers from the single-city programs with cohorts of 25 (UTEP) and 12 (DeLeT) elementary teachers.
In addition, at the time of the study, UTEP and DeLeT prepared only elementary teachers, but ACE prepared both elementary and secondary teachers, in a range of disciplines from Theology to Latin to Calculus.
We selected the data from the UChicago UTEP for discussion in this article because the analysis of the focus groups and interviews showed greater attention to issues of geography and local context than those from the ACE and DeLeT programs.
In our data about UChicago UTEP, there were multiple references to specific communities and neighborhoods; we found little attention in the ACE or DeLeT programs to this layer of context.
UTEP ACE DeLET Total Gender Female 8 6 8 22 Male 2 4 2 8 Race White 7 10 10 27 Person of color 3 0 0 3 Career Stayer 6 0 8 14 Mover 4 8 1 13 Leaver 0 2 1 3 Current school (sector and type) Urban public 7 -- -- 7 Urban charter 2 -- -- 2 Other 1 -- -- 1 Catholic (low income) -- 5 -- 5 Catholic (upper income) -- 5 -- 5 Jewish Day School -- 10 10
Based on Pierce's failure to retain documents after he sent the April 7 e-mail, JELD-WEN now seeks as a spoliation sanction a jury instruction: (1) that Pierce deleted or failed to retain relevant documents, which the jury may infer that Pierce did because the documents were unfavorable to Pierce; and (2) that the jury may consider Pierce's actions when assessing his intent and knowledge.<br />JELD-WEN also sought an order compelling Pierce to produce the results of a recent forensic examination of his computer in relation to JELD-WEN's claims against Pierce in Texas state court.<br />Spoliation<br />Courts have broad discretion when deciding whether to impose spoliation sanctions.
The reliability of the internal consistency of the FPQ-T was assessed by calculating the "if item deleted" using Cronbach's alpha and the "item-total correction" coefficient for each item of the questionnaire (Table 1).
While undoubtedly there will be emails that need to be retained and or stored electronically in a system other than email, many can be deleted and I am informed by our IT colleagues that our current use of the email system for virtually everything is not the best way to do this.
Phrases Dimensions Before After Deleted Lack of 19 17 8,11 meaning Social 14 12 4,11 isolation Sense of 14 12 1,10 helplessness Thing 9 9 Non- 12 11 8 compliance of standards Rebellion 18 18 Table 3 internal consistency between dimensions and total of psych alienation scale.