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DELFDiplôme d'Études en Langue Française (French)
DELFDigital Entertainment Leadership Forum (industry conference)
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That wing can't be used, because there is smoke throughout, but it's being cleaned up," Delf said.
As a former German junior hockey internationalist, Delf has remained active in the sport.
She was so calm when we got there, we thought she was just fantasticParamedic Ian Delf
Mr Delf, 35, was riding with friends between Scots Gap and Rothbury on January 5 when the accident happened.
They had been hoping negotiations and the strength of feeling displayed at a public meeting would persuade the Garganey Trust to relinquish their bid for the Delf and allow local people to take charge.
Every customer is unique, every order is different, but the quality, reliability and choice that Delf offer is consistent.
A lot of people would assume that providing more food would be more expensive, but that's not the case," Delf said.
Mr Delf had six major operations to rebuild his legs while in hospital for more than two months.
The building, worth more than $110,000, was lost along with all of the computer equipment and furniture inside it, Eugene School District spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.
District spokeswoman Kerry Delf said a drinking fountain in the library of the middle school contained high levels of lead - 122 parts per billion (PPB) - following the first sampling.