DELGDepartment of the Environment and Local Government
DELGDefense Export Loan Guarantee (US DoD)
DELGDistance and Electronic Learning Group
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In this study, we performed a supF forward mutation assay using a shuttle vector plasmid containing a single 8BrG residue in three kinds of human cells and revealed that 8BrG in DNA predominantly induces a G [right arrow] T mutation but can also induce G [right arrow] C, G [right arrow] A, and delG mutations in human cells.
[14] indicated that the miscoding properties of 8BrG lesions vary depending on the DNA polymerase and implied that 8BrG can cause delG, G [right arrow] C, G [right arrow] T, and G [right arrow] A mutations.
In this study, we reported the identification of a novel DFNA5 mutation, IVS8+1 delG, in a Chinese family which again led to exon 8 skipping and subsequently to nonsyndromic sensorineural hearing impairment.
Following this step-by-step filtering protocol, only one novel DFNA5 splice site mutation, IVS8+1 delG, was likely to be pathogenic according to this criterion [Figure 3] and [Figure 4]a.
Delg (R, T, CE) may contain some roles of R (T), but it is not necessarily a subset of it.
WSPS (U (R-type (T)), t) = true (with regard to CT and Ctl (w)) Delg (R-type (T), T, CE) = {R1,...,Rn} (with n > 0).
The recent update on the sustainable development strategy makes an attempt to put more emphasis on social goals (DELG, 2002).
* The Pentagon's Defense Export Loan Guarantee Fund (DELG), which is available to 10 nations in East and Central Europe and recently made a loan to Romania for the purchase of pilotless drones from the U.S.-based AAI Corporation;
The Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) program is a $15 billion loan-guarantee program that can effectively parallel the alms of the security assistance program by providing a source of funds to finance defense exports that does not depend upon appropriated funds.
104-106, 10 February 1996, first authorized this program as the Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) Program.
2540c(d) authorizing the annual use of up $500,000 of available operations and maintenance (O&M) funds for Defense-wide activities for administrative expenses directly attributable to the administration of the Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) Program first established by P.L.
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