DELGDepartment of the Environment and Local Government
DELGDefense Export Loan Guarantee (US DoD)
DELGDistance and Electronic Learning Group
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In this study, we performed a supF forward mutation assay using a shuttle vector plasmid containing a single 8BrG residue in three kinds of human cells and revealed that 8BrG in DNA predominantly induces a G [right arrow] T mutation but can also induce G [right arrow] C, G [right arrow] A, and delG mutations in human cells.
[14] indicated that the miscoding properties of 8BrG lesions vary depending on the DNA polymerase and implied that 8BrG can cause delG, G [right arrow] C, G [right arrow] T, and G [right arrow] A mutations.
In this study, we reported the identification of a novel DFNA5 mutation, IVS8+1 delG, in a Chinese family which again led to exon 8 skipping and subsequently to nonsyndromic sensorineural hearing impairment.
Following this step-by-step filtering protocol, only one novel DFNA5 splice site mutation, IVS8+1 delG, was likely to be pathogenic according to this criterion [Figure 3] and [Figure 4]a.
Delg (R, T, CE) may contain some roles of R (T), but it is not necessarily a subset of it.
WSPS (U (R-type (T)), t) = true (with regard to CT and Ctl (w)) Delg (R-type (T), T, CE) = {R1,...,Rn} (with n > 0).
The recent update on the sustainable development strategy makes an attempt to put more emphasis on social goals (DELG, 2002).
* The Pentagon's Defense Export Loan Guarantee Fund (DELG), which is available to 10 nations in East and Central Europe and recently made a loan to Romania for the purchase of pilotless drones from the U.S.-based AAI Corporation;
The Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) program is a $15 billion loan-guarantee program that can effectively parallel the alms of the security assistance program by providing a source of funds to finance defense exports that does not depend upon appropriated funds.
104-106, 10 February 1996, first authorized this program as the Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) Program.
2540c(d) authorizing the annual use of up $500,000 of available operations and maintenance (O&M) funds for Defense-wide activities for administrative expenses directly attributable to the administration of the Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG) Program first established by P.L.
Contract awarded for acquisition of 700 bags of treats (delg. Tongoy) to celebrate with the community, residents and tourists in an afternoon recreational healthy coexistence with about 800 children vulnerable tongoy, shrimp, the tangue and seaport village, to be held on august 10, 2013 from 10:00 until 14:00 hrs.
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