DELJISDelaware Criminal Justice Information System (Delaware)
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The News Journal began in the early 1990's to request electronic copies of 10 years of records including felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases from the DELJIS database.
Since 1997, DELJIS has attacked our requests for release of data on several fronts.
The DELJIS board initially approved the amended request, but a month later the board reversed itself after being urged by the attorney general to go back to court to challenge the linking of data.
Reporters and editors also described to the court the process we use when we obtain legal information about a particular defendant or prisoner, and reporters helped to research work done by other organizations that had been granted access to DELJIS data.
That record, along with age, race, gender and geographic details, make it possible to cross-reference data fields with information appearing in newspapers such as The News Journal and other public databases to identify, by name, individuals in the DELJIS database.
Further, less than two percent of all felonies are reported in The News Journal, and there are no other databases available that could be used to cross reference the DELJIS database in order to re-identify individuals, given the limited information of age, race, gender and county of residence.