DELMDomingo en la Mañana (Spanish: Sunday Morning)
DELMDirection de l'Epidémiologie et de Lutte contre les Maladies (French: Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control; Morocco)
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Performance analysis of the proposed AELME algorithm (see Algorithm 1) is reported in Section 4, by comparing its accuracy withbase classifiers {RELM, ELML2, KElM, ELM, SVM} and other ensemble methods, which include DELM, DSELME, and EnELM.
First, consider the DELM with kernel based on ELM-AE algorithm (DELM) presented in [11], which quotes the ELM autoencoder (ELM-AE) [20-22] as the learning algorithm in each layer.
Runners left in scoring position-Minnesota 2 (Delm.Young, Cuddyer); Boston 5 (Youkilis, Ang.Sanchez, Lowell 3).
Performers include former Presteigne composer-in-residence John McCabe, the Delm String Quartet, Kathryn Thomas and Lucy Wakeford.
Runners moved up-O.Hudson, Mauer, Delm.Young, Youkilis.
Au Maroc, la surveillance epidemiologique de l'infection grippale est assuree par un systeme [beaucoup moins que]sentinelle[beaucoup plus grand que] mis en place par le Service de la surveillance epidemiologique (DELM) depuis la saison 2004-2005.
2B-Morneau (5), Kubel (4), Delm.Young (1), Pedroia (5), D.
Cette campagne a ete realisee en partenariat avec la direction d'epidemiologie et de lutte contre les maladies du ministere de la sante (DELM), la delegation de la sante de M'diq Fnideq, l'hopital Mohammed VI de M'diq, la fondation HASSAN II d'ophtalmologie et la prefecture de M'diq Fnideq.
Other software packages indigenously developed and used in India include Granthalaya, Maitreyi, Sanjay, DELMS, DELDO, TLMS etc (Husain and Ansari, 2007).
(c) Arterial road was delmed by functional class rather than by daily traffic; therefore, [NO.sub.2] adjustment could not be computed for this traffic metric.
Aker Yards Marine is part of the team assembled by BMT Fleet Technology Limited that has been awarded the Definition, Engineering, Logistics and Management Support (DELMS) contract for the AOPS project.