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DELMARData Element Management Accounting Report
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Helen Della Delmar (proclaimed with a flourish of trumpets and rolling of tomtoms to be the greatest woman poet in the United States) denied Brissenden a seat beside her on Pegasus and wrote voluminous letters to the public, proving that he was no poet.
A newspaper with a sworn circulation of half a million published an original and spontaneous poem by Helen Della Delmar, in which she gibed and sneered at Brissenden.
Another paper, in deadly seriousness, reproving Helen Della Delmar for her parody, said: "But unquestionably Miss Delmar wrote it in a moment of badinage and not quite with the respect that one great poet should show to another and perhaps to the greatest.
DelMar has demonstrated that VAL-083's anti-tumor activity is unaffected by the expression of MGMT, a DNA repair enzyme that is implicated in chemotherapy resistance and poor outcomes in GBM patients following standard front-line treatment with temozolomide.
DELMAR FC and Stratton Oakmont were two teams who were considered promotion candidates in the early stages of the Thursday Night Division Two League - but it is a proposition that has failed to materialise.
Jeffrey Bacha, president and CEO of DelMar Pharma, "Our strategy is based on others who have gone before us, who have taken old drugs, taught them new tricks and built successful patents around them.
In her new position, Delmar manages ILCA's social media, website and webinars.
Mid-Atlantic of Delmar, LLC, 122109 DESUP, SO9C-07-019 RFS (12/21/2009)-DE
The real surprise about Commander Gary is that after going wire-to-wire at DelMar, he rallied from sixth to win at Fairplex.
As general superintendent, Delmar manages the construction of LEVEL5's projects, such as Delta Community Credit Union's Cobb County hub.