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DELPHIDetector with Lepton, Photon, and Hadron Identification
DELPHIDiscriminating Electrons by Laser Photon Ionization
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This Delphi was supposed to be the very midmost spot of the whole world.
Sacred oracle of Delphi," said he, "whither shall I go next in quest of my dear sister Europa?
But Cadmus was more fortunate than many others who went to Delphi in search of truth.
LONDON -- Business Engine, a leader in application software solutions for running the business of IT, today announced that Delphi Grundig has joined its expanding roster of Blue Chip customers in implementing its flagship product, the Business Engine Network(TM) (BEN(TM)).
Built for ISVs, system integrators, VARs and small to medium enterprises, Delphi for Win32 enables customers to develop ultra high-performance native Microsoft Windows applications on either Microsoft XP or Vista that not only support both platforms, but are enhanced on Vista," said Michael Swindell, vice president of products and strategy for CodeGear.
The GM downgrade primarily reflects concerns over further financial support and/or costs that GM may incur in order to ensure that Delphi is able to reach an agreement with the UAW.
Delphi and its domestic subsidiaries filed for voluntary protection under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on Oct.
Vienna, or Plant 47, was designed to build on the success of Delphi's star facility in Cortland, Ohio, which opened in 2000 and became the template for all Delphi injection molding plants.
Borland, Delphi, C# Builder, C++Builder, ECO, Together and all other Borland brand and product names are service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of Borland Software Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Delphi and GM have announced the terms of employee buyout packages that are being offered, which could significantly reduce the headcount at both entities.
Delphi Corporation, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is one of the largest global automotive suppliers, with 2005 revenues approximating $27 billion.
The rating affirmations reflect the continued favorable operating results reported by Delphi Financial's primary life insurance subsidiaries, as well as the organization's established niche in the small to mid-sized employee benefit market, focusing on group disability income and group life coverages.