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The Amphictyons were the guardians of religion, and of the immense riches belonging to the temple of Delphos, where they had the right of jurisdiction in controversies between the inhabitants and those who came to consult the oracle.
But this thy glory shall be soon retrenched; No more shalt thou by oracling abuse The Gentiles; henceforth oracles are ceased, And thou no more with pomp and sacrifice Shalt be enquired at Delphos or elsewhere-- At least in vain, for they shall find thee mute.
Socrates is mentioned by Plato 8 as having employed his time while in prison, awaiting the return of the sacred ship from Delphos which was to be the signal of his death, in turning some of these fables into verse, but he thus versified only such as he remembered.
Corbett's Herald (Providence, RI) reprints "The Tomb-Blossoms" under a poem entitled "AN OLD SONG WITH A NEW TUNE." No author is given for the poem, but the same poem appears above what seems to be the same reprinted version of Whitman's story in The Andover News (Andover, NY) on November 16, 1892, in The New Haven News (New Haven, IN) on November 17, 1892, in The Greenburgh Register (Dobbs' Ferry, NY) on November 18, 1892, in The McKean Democrat (Smethport, PA) also on November 18, 1892, in The Reveille (Rolfe, IA) on December 1, 1892, and in The Daily Herald (Delphos, OH) on December 28, 1897.
The two businesses manufacture their products at a single plant in Delphos, Ohio, said the buyer, which is a portfolio company of US buyout firm Arsenal Capital Partners.
Could Delphos not detain nor the sea swallow thee But I must be in danger to be punished With the porcupine bristles?
McNutt had a 40-year career with Ohio's Delphos Herald (which bought the News-Review in 1985), and earlier was publisher of the Waushara Argus for eight years and before that worked in the newsroom and advertising at the Mercer County Chronicle in Coldwater, Ohio.
Stafford was born July 15, 1919, in Delphos, Kan., to John and Opal Porter Thorpe.