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DELTDistance Education and Learning Technologies (Memorial University)
DELTDual Ended Loop Test (telecommunications diagnostics)
DELTDual Ended Line Testing (telecommunications diagnostics)
DELTDouble Ended Loop Testing
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As recommended by Simon & Lyons (1995) and Karr & Chu (1999), metrics that related to species richness and composition (number of native, minnow, sucker, and sunfish species), indicator species (sensitive species, % tolerant species, % pioneer species), trophic function (% insectivores, % detritivores, % carnivores), reproductive function (% lithophils), abundance (CPUE), and fish condition (% DELT).
In the present comment, some issues that delt with the chromosomal constitution of zygotes and embryos produced in vitro were focused, evaluating whether TLS could play a role in the early detection of abnormal events.
"The majority of drivers across Lindley were driving within the speed limits but a number weren't who were delt with accordingly."
"The Finance Ministry is preparing the creation of this structure, in collaboration with several international experts who have experience in this field, the objective is to control and manage the debt which accounts for 54% of GDP," he said, specifying that "so far the Tunisian debt has not been delt with in a proactive way, this is why the goal is to work with debt management methods adopted by developed countries."
(27) The present-day figurative usage of ricamare to mean "to embellish a fact or story with fanciful invented details," only arose in the following century (first recorded usage: 1663) (DELT).
Once Nicole reaches college, her mother's pressure increases with the higher stakes of making the Tri Delt sorority and the looming realities of the marriage market.
At the moment we're really into people like Morgan Delt, Pond, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Badbadnotgood, Jacco Gardner, GoGo Penguin.