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DELTDistance Education and Learning Technologies (Memorial University)
DELTDual Ended Loop Test (telecommunications diagnostics)
DELTDual Ended Line Testing (telecommunications diagnostics)
DELTDouble Ended Loop Testing
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TRICEP, TRAPS, DELT, PEC, ABS, FEM and LUMB) was also calculated (arithmetic mean) and analyzed.
The DELT undergraduate program lasts for four years and during the first two years, students are provided partially face-to-face instruction for some basic courses such as contextual grammar, oral communication skills, advanced reading and writing, listening and pronunciation and then they have distance education for the last two years.
The trichodinid ciliates from fish, tilapia nilotic from the Nile Delt (Egypt).
Jacques van Delt has submitted his resignation as director of the Solar Observing Section due to other priorities on his time.
Schaible [10] has delt with many dual fractional programming problems involving the optimization of a single ratio.
Khaled Ali, head of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, said that the bill was a setback to democracy and delt with the right to protest and organize strikes as a crime.
I tre scultori rodii furono capaci di comporre e di amalgamare elementi presenti nella tradizione anteriore: basti pensare che il figlio minore di Laocoonte sembra derivare dal giovane defunto del gruppo dei Niobidi, mentre il figlio maggiore richiama l'Hermes di Lisippo che si allaccia il sandalo, e la posizione del torso di Laocoonte ricorda il moto rotazionale verso destra del gigante Alcioneo del grande fregio delT Altare di Pergamo (96).
As we did, I looked across the street at the Phi Delt house and saw two of its brothers on the front porch.
Unlike banks in Western economies, Islamic banks have been delt less of a blow by the financial crisis and experts believe it is because the laws followed are based on those set out in Islam's Holy book, the Quran, which for Muslims is the word of God.
Yet it would also be prudent to remember how the Chinese authorities delt with some of their own people who attempted to disrupt a Chinese prestige project that would put China centre stage in the world which they believe to be their rightful place.
The percent DELT (deformities, eroded fins, lesions and tumors) individuals metric was removed due to improper field classifications during the 2002 field season.