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DEMDepartment of Environmental Management
DEMDivision of Emergency Management
DEMDemonstration (File Name Extension)
DEMDiscrete Element Method (numerical simulation technique for particle dynamics problems)
DEMDepartment of Emergency Management (Texas)
DEMDeutsche Mark (former currency code; also seen as DM; replaced by EUR)
DEMDeus Ex Machina (Latin: God from the Machine)
DEMDigital Elevation Map
DEMDemurrage (shipping)
DEMDifferential Emission Measure
DEMDemostrativo (Spanish: Demonstration)
DEMDirect-Entry Midwife
DEMDiplôme d'Etudes Musicales (French: Diploma of Musical Studies)
DEMDon't Eat Me
DEMDynamic Enterprise Modeling
DEMData Encapsulation Mechanism (cryptography; see also Key Encapsulation Mechanism)
DEMDiabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism
DEMData Exchange Module (software engineering)
DEMDigital Elevation Matrix
DEMDembidollo, Ethiopia - Dembidollo (Airport Code)
DEMDigital Evaluation Model (mapping)
DEMDoor Eendracht Macht (Dutch)
DEMDynamic Estuary Model
DEMDepartment of Engineering Management
DEMDefect Estimation Model
DEMDiscrete Electromagnetism
DEMData Element Tool-Based Analysis
DEMDiagnostic Event Manager
DEMDigital Event Marker
DEMDeployment Extension Model
DEMData Expert Meeting
DEMDensity Evolution Model
DEMDistinguishable Electron Method
DEMDocument Evaluation Methodology
DEMDomain Executable Model
DEMDétresse des Enfants du Monde (French: Distress of Children of the World)
DEMDivision of Enrollment Management
DEMDécapages Emballages Métalliques (French: Stripping Metal Packaging)
DEMDose Efficace Moyenne (French: Average Effective Dose)
DEMDétection Électro-Magnétique (French: Electro-Magnetic Detection)
DEMDirect Email Marketing
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Alan joins DEM Solutions from Ion, Inc where he most recently served as Senior Vice President, Strategic Resources, a corporate post with wide ranging responsibilities including long term strategy and company-wide Research & Development.
The DEM platform enables a new generation of User Interface, Navigation, and Application design by allowing content creators to use standard authoring tools, supplemented with Bluestreak's BDK toolkit, for video-centric embedded devices like digital cable set-tops and advanced cell phones.
We are pleased to be working on the Bluestreak DEM platform," said Milton Diaz, BBiTV's chief technology officer.
DEM is the result of multi-year development effort to bring new capabilities to digital cable.
They each capitalize on the Bluestreak DEM platform to bring a new, broad base of games, services, and applications to digital cable.
Alyssa Dver, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, SEDONA Corporation, explains the company's decision to partner with DEM, saying, "In working with DEM for the past few weeks, it has become apparent that the agency possesses an intuitive understanding of both the software and public relations businesses.
That recognition came today, as The DEM Group was ranked 20th in this year's "Philadelphia 100," a survey conducted jointly by the Philadelphia Business Journal and the Ben Franklin Technology Council.
This explains why the DEM of pearlitic, grades of ductile iron is greater than those of ferritic iron and why, as the density of ductile iron increases, so does resonant frequency and DEM.
the world leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and services, today confirms it has entered into a partnership with DEM Solutions, a leading developer of DEM (Discrete Element Method) software solutions.
Clint Hudson, the Manager of DEM Applications for Applied DEM, stated, "We [Applied DEM] are excited to have Compumod as the most recent member of the Applied DEM team.