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The Demco Award recognizes a school library media center's achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative event or service, which has made a measurable positive impact on its users.
Latona and the DEMCO team activated their crisis plan when the coop's service area was hit with the worst flood ever recorded there.
Posit Science expressed its mutual admiration of Demco. "We know that the local library is a primary on ramp to the internet for many people, and this distribution arrangement with Demco--and the enlightened libraries they serve--helps to fulfill our mission of getting the benefits of our technology to everyone on the planet who could be helped by it," says Henry Mahncke, Posit Science's CEO, in the press release announcing the news.
"Urban Culture" will take place on June 7 next to DEMCO Steel.
Layouts and furnishings across all levels of the library were designed and installed by Demco Interiors, which also provided shelving with integrated lighting throughout.
According to Pavlik, Demco's proprietary Windows-based PLC programming (programmable logic controller; primarily used to control machinery) is easy to operate; stations are programmed by simply checking boxes on a PC screen for a sequence of designated inputs and outputs.
Dennis Mekenye, operations manager for Demco Freight, says the truck was equipped with a GPS tracker and when he saw it was in Mexico he called Bogan's cell phone.
Summary: DEMCO empowered the 18th edition of the Crown Prince Cup, a season-concluding tournament featuring teams from the Kuwaiti Premier League [...]
Centamon, a company controlled by British consultancy Levant Group, and Demco, a Greek investment company, has bought a 65 per cent in LAP GreenN and asked Digicel to run the business.
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Alexis Demetriou, one of the owners of Demco lighting said yesterday "LED lights have been on the market for over a year now.