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DEMEData Entry Made Easy
DEMEDirectorate of Elementary and Mass Education (India)
DEMEDiethyl Maleic Acid Ester
DEMEDepartment of Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (The Open University; UK)
DEMEDécoupage et Moulages d'Elastomères (French: Cutting and Molding of Elastomers)
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Zamia fairchildiana patches of individuals or demes can also persist in degraded forests affected by selective logging and other human activities, where environmental conditions in the understory differ substantially from the ones in their native habitat.
The growth rate of the CHO cells in DMEM was more rapid than those of the RPMI and MEM this due to the higher concentration of glucose, glutamine and essential amino in DEME which are essential source for carbon and nitrogen.
Wy bekennen apenbar in dessem brefe und betughent, dat wy mit rade und mit vulbort unnses erwerdigen cappittels unnser kerken to Derbte und mit witlicheit unnser manne, rittere und knechte, und unses erbaren rades unnser stadt to Derbte verlehnet hebben und geven, und verlenen und geven in dessem gegenwertigen brefe den erbarn strengen ridderen, hern Herman und herrn Otten bruderen, de geheten sint van Ixculle, und eren rechten erven dat borchsete up unsem und unser kerken slote to Odempe und in der vorborch, dat en afgegangen was in Hekedes orloge, mit alle deme rechte, alse idt ere olderen tovoren beseten hebben und se na.
A deme which simultaneously with other Explorers is searching the same parts of solutions' space we call Overlapping explorer.
She has had an enormous effect on thousands of students and hundreds of teachers, as well as on the campus itself,'' said Almondale teacher Deme Larson.
The Miami-based firm is owned and operated by Deme Mekras and Elliot Shainberg who have worked together for more than a decade.
Statiniam plazmos degimo rezimui budingas nezymus lanko itampos svyravimas ir nejudanti lanko deme anodo pavirsiuje (2 pav.
SeeNews) - Mar 3, 2014 -A Belgian dredging companyA Deme said Friday its net profit increased by 22% year-on-year to EUR 109.
It was lovely e how much he loved to be when deme gentle to him to get him t It wa to se ng from ry sweet, ways close nabled us me to give ays there.
New records in total volume were also set in consecutive months during July and August, the latter seeing 95,440 contracts traded through the exchange," DEME said in a statement.
ADPnews) - May 18, 2011 - Belgian dredging company Deme received new orders for more than EUR 450 million (USD 642m) in the first quarter of 2011, investment firm Ackermans & van Haaren (EBR:ACKB), which holds a 50% stake in Deme, said today.