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DEMETERDetection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions (French space agency)
DEMETERDigital Electronic Mapping of European Territory
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While in the myth Demeter goes in search of her daughter, in Gordon's novel Felicitas, the lost daughter, is the one who journeys.
A despairing Demeter then begins searching for her daughter, a search which culminates in her appeal to the Sun to tell her what he had seen.
This composite textual figure "set in its marble chair, in that circle of fantastic rocks" (62) will resurface in this discussion in relation to Demeter.
Through the Eleusinian Mysteries, an important ritual cult of ancient Greece, Demeter welded a metaphor of seasonal grain regeneration to Mediterranean concepts of the resurrection of the individual soul.
Demeter was very widely worshipped, but her most important cult center remained Eleusis, her major festival the Eleusinian Mysteries.
As we integrate our solution with SS&C's leading technology platforms, we look to fulfill our vision to help more firms achieve more streamlined client communications," said Demeter.
To get the certification from Demeter, a farmer has to prove that no use of "synthesized fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fumigants" have been applied for up to three years prior to certification, according to official information from Demeter.
Demeter, Murphy, and Zittel and their contributors aim to inspire discussion centered on the role values, virtues, and ideologies played in various fields of early modern knowledge production.
Country: FranceSector: Machinery/Engineering, Motor VehiclesTarget: IES-SynergyBuyer: Eurazeo SA , Eurazeo Croissance, IES-Synergy managersVendor: Demeter PartnersType: LBO, MBOStatus: ClosedComment: Deal values target at USD29.
Demeter Press is devoted to publishing books that deal with empowered and feminist mothering, with at least a dozen books published in less than five years, so it is not surprising to find this engaging anthology as part of Demeter's collection.