DEMGDeltex Medical Group Plc (UK)
DEMGDarkside Entertainment Music Group
DEMGDisk Explosive Magnetic Generator
DEMGDiaphragmatic Electromyography
DEMGDelcan Environmental Management Group (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
DEMGDorset Earth Mysteries Group
DEMGDigital Edge Media Group (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
DEMGDepartamento de Minas e Georrecursos (Portugal)
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1 is a time scale analogous to the disengagement time in the DEMG model, [[tau].sub.d].
As with the DEMG model, the maximum stretch of the polymer chain, <[R.sup.2]>[.sub.max.sup.1/2] is modeled as [square root of ([n.sub.t]/[N.sub.e])].