DEMMDépannage Matériel Médical (French: Medical Equipment Repair)
DEMMDébit Expiratoire Maximal Médian (French: Median Peak Expiratory Flow)
DEMMDeterministic Equivalent Modeling Method
DEMMDark East Music Meeting (Eastern Europe)
DEMMDivision of Educational Media Management (Association for Educational Communications and Technology)
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Demm contended that some of the Chibok students who had initially escaped the kidnapping had travelled to the United States, only to be exploited by people there.
Demm argued that she wanted to empower the students in her care to tell their own stories, in their own time.
Taylor, M., Kreutzer, J., Demm, S., & Meade, M.
In one Ziegfeld Follies sketch, Brice entered, to great fanfare and in royal regalia, as Madame de Pompadour, turned to the audience and said in her most dulcet Delancy Street tones, "I'm a bedd voman--but I'm demm good company." An emblematic child of the Lower East Side, Brice appropriated her parents' immigrant marginality to tear down--you name it--conventional Broadway spectacle, or high melodrama, or tales of the official culture.
(1986), 'Alfred Weber und Franz Kafka', in Demm, Eberhard (ed.), Alfred Weber als Politiker und Gelehrter, Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, pp.
The work of Deffenbacher and his colleagues (Deffenbacher, 1988; Deffenbacher & Stark, 1992; Deffenbacher, Demm, & Brandon, 1986; Deffenbacher, McNamarra, Stark, & Sabadell, 1990; Deffenbacher, Oetting, Huff, & Thwaites, 1995; Deffenbacher, Story, Brandon, Hogg, & Hazaleus, 1988; Deffenbacher, Story, Stark, Hogg, & Brandon, 1987; Deffenbacher et al., 1994; Hazaleus & Deffenbacher, 1986) stands out as the most thorough attempt to develop systematically the most effective approach to anger management.
Although there are proposals that advocate for the strategic utilization of the family in the caregiving process (Curtiss, Klemz, & Vanderploeg, 2000; Kreutzer, Kolakowsky-Hayner, Demm, & Meade, 2002; Sohlberg & Mateer, 2001; Williams & Kay, 1991), there is a wide range of variables operating in families of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) that are yet to be sufficiently clarified to provide effective intervention.