DEMNDirect Entry Master's in Nursing (University of New Hampshire)
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Just lately she has been favoring us with almost incessant rain for about three weeks; and I am a demned damp, moist, unpleasant body, as Mr.
"I will never make a film that either solely con- demns or defends human beings; I leave that to the courts of justice around the world," said Abu-Assad in the official release material for Omar, which opened last December's Dubai International Film Festival and was part financed by the festival.
For comparison, the second most con demned country is the brutal dictatorship of Myanmar, with 10 such resolutions.
Gibbons, fearing the allegation of anti-Americanism, seeks the approval of President Harrison; Archbishop Dolan con demns Obama's anti-Catholicism.
The army recruiter don't want you, huh, not like those other flag-draped Chicanos on our block, even those that come back alive look like they gave up the ghost, that's kinda what you want, that demned ghost taken out of you.
"The board of CCS strongly con demns any inappropriate activity within our industry.
There is nothing that is not immanent, and nothing which is not demned, and fatally flawed, and utterly animalistic to the core.
So almost none of the officers in an E-2 today know how to use the demned thing.
Demned if I know, but it will be an interesting year!"
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged equal opportunities and rights for men and women, and conA[degrees] demned sexual discrimination.
More recently, the international rights group, Human Rights Watch, con- demned the sentencing of a Saudi Arabian website found- er to be whipped 600 times and jailed for seven years for violating Islamic values, saying it undermined the kingdom's stated support
The government should be CON DEMned for bringing in such a levy on struggling families.