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A brigadier I served under (a decent, popular man) wrote to the War Office in London complaining that if the present demob rate reduced his 'establishment', he would have to revert to his peacetime substantive rank of Lt-Colonel, and lose out on his pension.
A I SUSPECT it was not issued on demob, but may have been acquired either while serving or later, as military surplus.
THERE is no place for riflemen when their fighting's done Even less for artillerymen they cannot keep their gun With their service over and they get their demob They are just another candidate looking for job Expert in a skill at arms and in the way they fight They will have to be very rich to ever become a knight They say old soldiers never die they only fade away They are forgotten when tomorrow comes, just a hero for today People sing their praises and raise their glasses high But very soon forget the young men who were prepared to die We put upon a pedestal those who only play a game But forget about our young men who are in the killing game.
Ronnie Thomas, from Holyhead, told me: "I recognised them all, despite the years that have gone by, after all we were twenty-one going in and twenty-three on demob. Ronnie retired at the age of 54, after working as a fitter in the British Rail engine shed in Holyhead for 40 years.
One is he has flipped his lid, or he is demob happy.
The cash is being offered in place of the Irish Army's traditional grey demob togs.
The enclosed photograph depicts "Taff" at a demob party with, among others, Colin Proctor and Tony Belton.
Think Victoriana, original 1920s flapper, Home Front clothing from the 1940s and Demob and spiv suits for the guys.
After my demob I started work on the opencast coal sites as a welder.
Soldiers wearing demob suits, Sit eating bread and honey And the new PM has most sincerely, Pledged to reimburse our money
WALTER Huntley is a former associate editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, who joined the paper as a reporter after demob from the Army in 1947.
I did National Service in the RAF with John and, shortly after demob, he got me my first proper job.