DEMOGDemographic Sustainability and European Integration
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Estimacion alternativa (i) (ii) Deuda Publica -0.51 (15.7) *** -0.51 (14.7) *** Log PIB per capita 0.04 (0.8) 0.04 (0.8) [ji al cuadrado](demog) 5.8 (0.12) 7.2 (0.07) * [R.sup.2] Ajustado 0.16 0.13 BIC -2549.0 -2252.5 [alfa](Popul.
log [h.sub.comp] (t) = [[alpha].sub.comp] (t) + [[beta].sub.compDR] DRscore + Demog [[beta].sub.compDemog] + Fin[[beta].sub.compFin]
Table 4 provides a glimpse at the regional characteristics of the South in 2000, which includes a region's demographic share of the population aged 25 or over among all developing regions (Demog), then for each region itself, the proportion of the highly skilled in the resident population (Skill), (11) the average emigration rate toward the OECD countries (Aemig), the high-skilled emigration rate (Hemig), the low-skilled emigration rate (Lemig), and the ratio of remittances to GDP (Rem/Y).
For instance, IF (gini [greater than or equal to] 0.47) & (inc [less than or equal to] 893.13) THEN At most Moderate passed to IF (income [greater than or equal to] 893.13) & (demog [less than or equal to] 1516) THEN At most Moderate.
The US economy's pace of growth is set to slow over the next 10 years to a long-term rate of 2.5% as deleveraging from a massive credit binge and demog raphic shifts takes their toll.
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In this model, we assume a linear relation between self-reported health S (UVAS, AVAS or EQ5D) and socioeconomic characteristics-demographics (Demog), circumstances (Circums), effort (Effo) and economic status (Stat)-at an individual level, hence the subscript i.
The recognition of Al-Quds University comes as it is undertaking a number of initiatives to help the Palestinian community in Jerusalem withstand measures imposed by the Israeli authorities that are, according to several international organizations, intended to displace Palestinians from the occupied Old City of Jerusalem and alter the cityAaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4AaAaAeAnAaAaAeA s demog