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DEMONDemodulated Noise
DEMONDesign Methods Based on Nets (computer science)
DEMONdetection of envelope modulation on noise
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"This demon must be an honest fellow and a good Christian," said Sancho; "for if he wasn't he wouldn't swear by God and his conscience; I feel sure now there must be good souls even in hell itself."
'It wouldn't be a bad notion to have a cigar by the kitchen fire, would it?' said Bob Sawyer, still prompted by the demon aforesaid.
His sunken eyes glittered and his wrinkled lips moved over toothless gums as he mumbled weird incantations to the demons of his cult.
This medicine must be short medicine, however, for the creature, god or demon, was steadily closing up the distance which had separated them.
She needed comfort, and she knew but one comforter--the familiar demon in her bosom; but she hesitated a moment, after drawing out the black remnant, before she raised it to her lips.
"We heard, from one who knew him well (what should be stated in all mention of his lamentable irregularities), that with a single glass of wine his whole nature was reversed, the demon became uppermost, and, though none of the usual signs of intoxication were visible, his will was palpably insane.
Then there rose suddenly above the fiendish cries of the dancing demons the awful challenge of the ape-man.
As long as the demon sent to attack me only vague shadows of women who passed occasionally before my eyes in church, in the streets, in the fields, and who hardly recurred to my dreams, I easily vanquished him.
Depart, and haunt my couch no more let me die in peace if thou be mortal if thou be a demon, thy time is not yet come.''
"Art thou a messenger from God; art thou a minister from hell; art thou an angel or a demon; callest thou thyself Eloa or Astarte?"
A demon addicted to the reprehensible habit of devouring the dead.
None can tell Who did cast on thee his spell, prowling all thy life around, Leaping with a demon bound.