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DEMOSDiscrete Event Modelling on Simula (software)
DEMOSDrain Extended Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DEMOSDirect Eye Movement Observation System
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Demos in these cases have shown to have a minimal impact on the actual sales of the game.
Demos contends that England's colonists constructed their lives around the cycles of nature, especially the four seasons and daytime and nighttime.
We did more demos this past year than we ever have before," Legleiter adds.
Unlike traditional slide shows that put people to sleep, Turbo Demo creates interactive audio-visual demos that keep users' interest, whether you're using your demo to sell products and services, or provide training and support.
McLaren suggests that they are four distinct kinds of demos, each defined by what it tries to communicate to a pre-sale or post-sale audience:
This demo shows a complete application processor and HDD solution, based on the Marvell([R]) PXA270.
This is definitely not the case on demo tours, and the Osiris Southern Hemi Tour was a rip-riding, lion-spotting, sleepless adventure.
It is clear that Demos was faced with the classic historian's problem: sources are not always there when needed.
com's marketplace technology enables its customers to select golf clubs from leading manufacturers and demo them for 5-days.
We were going out to Caracas to do a demo at the new Aero Skatepark.
Kovnat confirmed it is committed to completing these demos within its budgeted investment planning, using some of its internal resources which are more than adequate for this purpose.