DEMPAQDeveloping and Evaluating Methods to Promote Ambulatory Care Quality (various universities)
DEMPAQDevelop and Evaluate Methods for Promoting Ambulatory Care Quality
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We also found the medical provider organizations participating in the DEMPAQ project to support our assumption that PCS practices are acting as gatekeepers.
The DEMPAQ research team includes the authors of this article, as well as Jean Edwards and Duc Nguyen, Ph.
Because the claims analysis for the larger DEMPAQ project was based on the second 12-month period, this study of agreement was restricted to the same 12 months (July 1, 1990--June 30, 1991).
An example of how powerful this type of quality-of-care analysis can be is demonstrated in a recent article using data from the original DEMPAQ study (Weiner et al.