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DEMURDouble Electron Muon Resonance
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A woman I don't know asks me to dance, but I demur. "What's the matter, don't you like women?" she says in a kittenish yet sinister tone that reminds me of Ashley St.
One might demur from the facile assumption that "As a field descriptor, 'early modern' replaces the progressive implications of 'Renaissance'" (8).
In any case, they counted for nothing even if they had had the temerity to demur. The Cold War, presumably long over, continued to explain away every imperialist crime all over the planet.
"I've had a lot of interesting offers, both politically and business wise, Which I'm trying to demur."
"It's not quite that simple," you protest, you demur, "You're positively right," I allow, there's more to be sure.
For example, a company that otherwise would invest millions of dollars in a multi-year expansion of its manufacturing facilities might well demur if the pending legislation were enacted because of uncertainty over whether or how, after December 31, 2001, it would be able to recover its costs.
But then the animal and the house began as well a victor's merging, sex getting it right in the bathroom, hunger spreading her Pluck all over the kitchen, the living room wallpapered in demur, my wife and her lover whispering, the judger in lust with the betrayer, the other gaining the other, sex with the self all soddened and into a stranger.
However, I must register a small demur at the misleading impression conveyed of a more important writer--the author of The Tempest.
'I do not demur at the indictment, if it is made today; however, I want it to be in the presence of my lawyer,' he requested the court.
If they demur, point out to him that the American economic union has staggered on for nearly two and a half centuries without ever having a commission!
Those who are suffering most are the people who believe in marriage and have steadfastly given their support to their respective local authorities in paying their council taxes without demur, only to learn that 29% of men and 18% of women aged between 20 and 34 still live in the family home, which means they have avoided having to pay council taxes.
However it dismays me when presenters suddenly disappear and the listeners are just expected to accept the situation without demur.