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DEMURDouble Electron Muon Resonance
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Nicholas was not much disposed to sleep--being in truth too anxious-- so, after a little demur, he accepted the offer, and having exchanged a shake of the hand with the young Crummleses, and the manager having on his part bestowed a most affectionate benediction on Smike, he sat himself down opposite to that gentleman by the fireside to assist in emptying the bowl, which soon afterwards appeared, steaming in a manner which was quite exhilarating to behold, and sending forth a most grateful and inviting fragrance.
Charles, after a little demur, accepted the writing as genuine, and they passed on to the next point.
Her mother and father had consented without demur, and were happy in her happiness.
At the mention of gentlemen whom Society called capitalists, Mr Dorrit had coughed, as if some internal demur were breaking out of him.
A woman I don't know asks me to dance, but I demur.
One might demur from the facile assumption that "As a field descriptor, 'early modern' replaces the progressive implications of 'Renaissance'" (8).
In any case, they counted for nothing even if they had had the temerity to demur.
I've had a lot of interesting offers, both politically and business wise, Which I'm trying to demur.
For example, a company that otherwise would invest millions of dollars in a multi-year expansion of its manufacturing facilities might well demur if the pending legislation were enacted because of uncertainty over whether or how, after December 31, 2001, it would be able to recover its costs.