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To estimate the requirements that the demux must yield, a frame frequency of 60 Hz is considered.
Though it is an applicable technology in the backbone, it is not cost effective in the access side because it requires a centralized tunable DeMux in OLT which is an expensive solution.
Crystals ([LiNbO.sub.3]) Excellent for high-speed modulation >10 GHz; polarization and integration limits Silicon and glass Very low loss, inefficient for active functions, excellent for passive components like demux Organic polymers Higher loss than silica, polarization limits, more efficient for msec optical switches, potentially good for extremely high-speed modulation >40 CHz III/V semiconductors Potentially best for integration of active elements; lasers detectors, fibre-coupling issues Table 2.
"We have a lot of experience with Imagine Communications' networking infrastructure and primarily chose the Platinum IP3 router for its ability to handle frame synchronisation, mux and demux, as well as path to the IP future," said George Cook, Head of Engineering at Smoke & Mirrors.
In this network, sources, multiplexers, demultiplexers, and destinations are represented by S, Mux, Demux, and D, respectively.
* Mux or demux of two separate HD signals from one 3G SDI signal;
Availability data for optical components (W=64) Component/Device Symbol Failure rate Line Amplifier LOA 3200 Multiplexer MUX 25xW Demultiplexer DEMUX 25xW Optical Switch OSW 1000 Fix Transmitter TRX 186 Fix Receiver RX 70 Cable (per km) OC 100 Table 2.
In wired communication area, main products are IC chips used for high speed wide band fiber optical systems on 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps, such as trans-impedance amplifier (TIA), MUX, DEMUX, etc.
However, they should be used either with splitters, which increases the system insertion loss, or in a cascade configuration, which degrades the DEMUX uniformity.
PowerMux 40 enhances network bandwidth with 40-channel MUX/ DEMUX functionality at 100-GHz channel spacing.
In addition, several 40 Gbps multiplexers (MUX) and demultiplexers (DEMUX) have been demonstrated as well as a 68 GHz static frequency divider,[19] which signifies the fastest clock rate reported to date for a bipolar technology.