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Customized 200G DWDM Mux Demux modules come in different packages including 1RU Rack Mount Chassis, 1U to 4U LGX box and outdoor use ABS plastic box, different connector types and DWDM wavelength is also selectable to meet customers' special needs.
Enables replacement of older bipolar-based demux used in legacy VSR and 300-pin module market with advanced CMOS-based devices
The MP1100Q is a DSP-based 100G receiver chip incorporating an ultra-high-speed analog-to-digital converter (A/D), the world's fastest Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation (MLSE) decoder, and the DEMUX gearbox function.
Semtech is the only supplier of MUX and DEMUX commercial solutions for the 100G market, with products that support the major MSA topologies, including both CFP for client applications and OIF DP-QPSK-based MSA168 for coherent long-distance transmission," said Dharmesh Jani, Director of Product Marketing for Semtech's Transport and Data Communication Group.