DENATRANDepartamento Nacional de Trânsito (National Traffic Agency; Brazil)
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Os dados de 20l3 mostram que a frota de caminhoes corresponde a 3,1 % dos 81,6 milhoes de veiculos automotores registrados no pais, segundo o DENATRAN (2014).
Strategy Analytics discerns that the Contran 245 mandate enacted by Brazil's DENATRAN Transportation Ministry will be delayed for an eighth time, based upon a survey of automotive executives who were polled in connection with the recent Telematics Update Brazil and LATAM conference in Sao Paulo, which was sponsored by Telematics Update.
However, it should be emphasized that on many occasions such occurrences, particularly those of a minor nature which did not involve death or hospitalization, were not registered in publicly accessible data banks such as DENATRAN, MIS and the Hospital Information System (HIS).