DENCDirection de l'Enseignement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (French: Directorate of Education of New Caledonia)
DENCDesign Engineering Contracting (Netherlands)
DENCDetailed Explanation of Non-Coverage (Medicare and Medicaid)
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In the matrix Den, the specific analytic (literal) expressions of the coefficients [d.sub.i,j], [d.sub.i,i], [g.sub.i,e] in the parameters of the dynamic model of the system under discussion are provided, and in the matrix Denc their numeral values are provided.
Matrix Denc differs from matrix Den only by numeral values of the coefficients [a.sub.ii], ..., [g.sub.i,e] provided in the Eq.
When the data of the matrices Mark, Den, Denc are available, structural diagram of the system under discussion is developed in accordance with the instructions of MATLAB / Simulink set of programs and its simulation is carried out.
The name Trans is automatically classified to the blocks of transfer functions; after it, a fraction follows; the numerator and the denominator of the fraction specify the numbers of the lines of the matrices Mark, Den, Denc used in the block (Table).
On a cependant retranche la partie est de La yule de Montreal, soit cello qui est separee physiquement par les municipalites de Montreal Nord, Anjou, Montreal Est et St-Leonard (les secteurs de rocensoment allant de 290.01 291 et de 580.01 a 585.02, qui font partie de la yule de Montreal, no sont denc pas inclus dans la categorie superieure).
Potentiostatic hydrodynamic electrodeposition at a Pt electrode form the heterotetranuclear complexes ([[upsilon].sub.4]O)[(denc).sub.4][Cu.sub.4-x][(Ni([H.sub.2]O)).sub.X][ b.6] (denc = N,N-diethylnicotinamide and x = 0-4) in 0.20 M tetrabutylammonium hexafluorophosphate/dimethyl sulfoxide results in a well adhering, continuous and microscopically rough surfaces.