DENCOMUs Army Dental Command
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Approximately half a million active duty soldiers make up the DENCOM's patient base for dental care under this initiative.
Today, "center of gravity" of the US Army Dental Corps is primarily the DENCOM Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston.
More importantly; they were friendly, well-organized and developed a complete understanding of the DENCOM and organizational goals.
Dental support for US Forces was provided by a combination of dental personnel organic to deploying units and personnel requested by FORSCOM, and tasked from DENCOM to support during these rotations.
To completely replace existing systems would quickly exhaust the DENCOM's budget.
Support 1st Medical Brigade efforts to facilitate long-term, sustainable Iraqi health care delivery." One of the 5-unit Mission Essential Task List items was "Electronically collect patient treatment and treatment needs data." Coincidentally, DENCOM added an electronic disease and nonbattle injury (DNBI) survey form to the CDA in April 2009 as part of an effort to obtain detailed information on DNBI in a deployed environment.
This group consisted of dental surgeons from the Army National Guard Bureau (NGB), the Army Reserve Command, the Office of The Army Surgeon General (OTSG), and the DENCOM. This core group of stakeholders would be instrumental in directing the future paradigm shifts in RC dental readiness.
The Digital Enterprise Viewing and Acquisition Application (DEVAA) software was developed by DENCOM. DEVAA supplements existing hardware for image acquisition, manipulation and diagnostic viewing.
The Navy experience re-energized the DENCOM into pursuing the reintroduction of expanded duty dental assistants into primary care teams.
With these factors in mind, the DENCOM partnered with the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine in 1997 to develop and implement a preventive campaign: "Put More 'Bite' Into Health Promotion." The campaign puts more dental health into health promotion, and health promotion into the Army Dental Care System.
COL Hamilton: The vision of DENCOM is to be America's leader in warrior-centered oral health.
(6,7) During this period, the US Army Dental Command (DENCOM) set goals to maintain 95% of the Army AC in DFC 1 or DFC 2, contributing to the rapid deployability of these forces.