DENCOMUs Army Dental Command
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The GFC initiative in the ERDC region of responsibility has resulted in the highest wellness rates in the DENCOM through the dedicated work of our team of practitioners.
Today, "center of gravity" of the US Army Dental Corps is primarily the DENCOM Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston.
Dental support for US Forces was provided by a combination of dental personnel organic to deploying units and personnel requested by FORSCOM, and tasked from DENCOM to support during these rotations.
Hardware replacement was not an option, so DENCOM IM&TD turned to a software solution to the problem.
Coincidentally, DENCOM added an electronic disease and nonbattle injury (DNBI) survey form to the CDA in April 2009 as part of an effort to obtain detailed information on DNBI in a deployed environment.
This group consisted of dental surgeons from the Army National Guard Bureau (NGB), the Army Reserve Command, the Office of The Army Surgeon General (OTSG), and the DENCOM.
The DENCOM looked at various options for training a Beta test cohort of students.
Team dentistry is the centerpiece of our operations and my goal is to have the Dental Care Optimization concept be the standard delivery method across DENCOM.
DENCOM utilizes the CRA program and prevention strategies developed by the American Dental Association (ADA).
In June 2003, the DENCOM commander, COL Sidney Brooks, directed his mobilization staff to begin exploring Army RC dental readiness deficiencies and ways to improve the dental readiness processing of Army RC Soldiers arriving at mobilization platforms.
In Jul 99, a report with recommendations on the continued implementation of DCRI was merged with the DENCOM to become the standard operational model for The Army Dental Care System.