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DENKDual-Employed, No Kids
DENKDeutsche ENDEVOR (Environment for Developers and Operations) Nutzer Konferenz (German: German ENDEVOR User Conference)
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Dutch parliament is not the right place to make a judgement about some unfortunate occurrents which happened 100 years ago," DENK deputy Tunahan Kuzu underscored.
DENK, The simulation of oscillatory circuits: an efficient integration scheme, in Efficient Numerical Methods in Electronic Circuit Simulation, G.
A campaign by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural at Resources against illegal logging and its own corruption has made progress in 2001 over 12 thousand cubic meters of illegal timber confiscated, 76 criminal cases filed and 14 DENR personnel suspended but at the cost of nearly 80 DENK staff killed in the line of duty over the years.