DENLDay-Evening-Night Level (road traffic noise calculation)
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We presented a model of the distribution of noise annoyance with the mean varying as a function of the noise exposure; DNL and DENL were used as noise descriptors.
Another, more important elaboration of the present model would be the inclusion of more (exposure) variables as predictors of annoyance, in addition to DNL or DENL (at the most exposed side of a dwelling).
Expectations regarding DENL - DNL on the basis of time patterns.
There is no consistent relation between DNL and DENL.
Aeq] as described above, the lowest value of DENL - DNL is equal to -0.
This means that railway noise generally does not fullfill the two requirements for a significant value of DENL - DNL [stability of the (hourly) [L.
Assuming this, the above-mentioned calculations indicate that for road traffic noise DENL - DNL will generally be [is less than] 0.
Little can be said about the consequence for the value of DENL - DNL.