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DENNISDistributed Energy Neural Network Integration System
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Dennis is now director of the Algebra Project's Southern Initiative, which is based in the same Mississippi Delta region where the two first met.
With his dark good looks, Dennis - now 73 - was constantly being compared with the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, a compliment he accepted reluctantly.
JASMINE: Full disclosure time: Dennis was a teacher of mine at NYU.
His academic problems became evident in third grade, when his teacher realized that Dennis could only recognize a few words and wrote like a first grader.
JGT's Dennis Gralla and Jim Sousa arranged for Zaramba-Nash Financial Service, Inc.
Dennis is likely to be found in his studio with several of those reference books, as well as photos from the Internet and his own drawn patterns surrounding him while he works.
But by the time Dennis' birthday came along on Monday, Whatever Happened to Disco Dennis and We Want Disco Dennis For Our Redcar MP had a 2,665 members between them.
And after 60 years of wedded bliss, 80-year-old Dennis has no hesitation in saying: "It's been a wonderful life and I would do it all over again with Norah.
Andrea Dennis and her husband Richard admitted there was no love lost between them and Andrea's brother Wayne Warren after a long-standing row.