DENSUSDetasemen Khusus (Special Detachment; Indonesia)
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"There are indications that the bombers were from Sulawesi but Densus 88 is probing further into their background and addresses, to compare with the DNA results we have."
The network learned from the mass arrests that followed the 2007 Densus 88 raids in Poso that it could not conduct amaliyat in Indonesia without risking the decimation of the network via imprisonment.
Surabaya [Indonesia], May 16 ( ANI ): On May 15, the National Police's Densus 88 counterterrorism squad found in a raid a total of 54 pipe bombs at the home of Tri Murtiono.
Of particular concern, we found that ten species exhibit a total lack of allozyme genetic diversity (Cephalanthera subaphylla, Cypripedium japonicum, Epipactis papillosa, Goodyera repens, Habenaria dentata, Liparis pterosepala, Oreorchis coreana, Pecteilis radiata, Peristylus densus, and Tipularia japonica; Table 1).
Contrario a estas especies, Syrrhopodon gaudichaudii Mont, Prionodon densus (Sw.
Representatives of the National Police's Densus 88 counterterrorism squad are set to depart for the Philippines on Tuesday to coordinate with their counterparts at the Philippine National Police (PNP) over Indonesians arrested for their alleged involvement with a Maute terrorist group in Marawi.
The Indonesian government formed Densus 88 (Den88) as a special counterterrorism squad, and their operations have shown success in weakening the JI network.
2) are characterized by the presence of Camerosporites seccatus, Patinasporites densus and Valasporites ignacii as the most characteristic species (Sole de Porta and Orti, 1982; De Torres, 1990).
Car, selon le porte-parole de la police, Antony Charliyan, les terroristes envisageaient de tout faire sauter en s'attaquant a la prestigieuse ile de Java et la grande ile adjacente de Sumatra, aux hommes de la Densus 88 (police antiterroriste), aux [beaucoup moins que] impies [beaucoup plus grand que], aux mosquees de la minorite chiite et aux eglises.
For example, Young's etymology of Conning (22v) is such a paradoxical derivation or etymology ex contrariis: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Non densus & [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Gracilis.
The military is now eager to take on a more operational role, with the police - with their own formidable Densus 88 counterterrorism unit, which in the previous decade rolled up a sizable number of Islamist rebels, killing many of them - determined to keep it strictly a law enforcement responsibility.