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He truly enjoys the diversity of the dual mission that the 618th DCAS/ DENTAC Korea provides, where one day he worked in the dental clinic assisting, the next day he went to an M-16 weapons qualification range, followed by an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise (EDRE) and a Situation Training Exercise (STX) the next very week.
Vanswol * 1976-1977 COL William Radentz ([dagger]) *Became first commander of the new DENTAC October 20, 1978.
Establishing the provisional Army MEDDAC, Army DENTAC, Army DVC, and USAMMC--K were truly the first steps in creating "normalcy" for the medical community in Korea.
Chuang, Eisenhower Army Medical Center and US Army DENTAC, Fort Gordon, GA 30905.
The dental support for maneuvering troops came predominately from the Panama DENTAC, with the addition of unit dental support that deployed with CONUS-based units.
The Fort Jackson DENTAC recently coordinated with the local community in order to provide two soldiers as volunteers during the Dental Access Day(DAD).
The mission is important, but supporting the community and the children within the community is one of the best ways to spend my free time," one Fort Sill DENTAC volunteer said.
MSG Voigt has served as the Senior Dental NCO of the DENTAC Alaska for the past year.
s at a luncheon that was provided by DENTAC but served by the senior dental NCO.
Getting these soldiers through our exams and into the DENTAC is definitely an operational readiness issue.
Staff Sergeant Husien Walter Reed DENTAC NCO-in-Charge Sergeant Brown Fort Bragg DENTAC Specialist Charles Fort Bragg DENTAC Specialist Galloway Walter Reed DENTAC Specialist Maple Fort Bragg DENTAC Specialist Elliott Walter Reed DENTAC
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