DEOADiethanolamine (organic compound)
DEOADimension Endowment Of Art (Taiwan)
DEOADevil Effect on Academy (gaming)
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In order to avoid the thin film formation, we added a mixture of water and DEOA after cooling the flask to room temperature and stirred for some hours.
As for this, we determined parameters as follows like "PTC-xyz." Molar ratio of TTIP: DEOA: water for the precursor and water and DEOA at the postaddition are given in Table 1.
TTIP DEOA [H.sub.0] Precursor X a+2 (x - l)/2 PostaddUion -- z [y.
One of the principal reasons to use DEOA for the synthesis of PTC was to suppress the reactivity of TTIP with water.
"z" is the molar ratio of DEOA to the water of the postaddition (y).
One atom of Ti has chemical bonds to four oxygen atoms and could have coordinate bonds between d[d sub.z.](2) empty orbital of Ti and lone pair of N atoms of DEOA. The coordination bonds may contribute to stabilization of high reactivity of TTIP or its derivatives.