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The double-exposure in one frame (DEOF) of the PMCS plays a key rule on the simultaneous measurement of the size, shape, and fall velocity of precipitation particles, as shown in Figure 2.
In the following passage from the preface to AElfred's laws, one of two occurrences of the weordan passive in legal literature after Hlophere and Eadric's laws, the Old English verb substitutes for precisely the sort of fuerit-clause seen in the Alemannic code: "Gif deof brece mannes hus nihtes 7 he weordep paer ofslagen" translates Exodus 22:2: "Si effrigens fur domum sive suffodiens fuerit inventus, et accepto vulnere mortus fuerit...." (36) It seems likely that the tendency to translate Latin fuerit with Old English weordep was a persistent pattern during much of the Old English period.