DEOGDiesel Exhaust Organic Gases
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Lee Won Deog predicts that as Tokyo and Seoul are unlikely to find a quick solution to the Takeshima issue and Seoul's demand for compensation for Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military during World War II, the two governments will take measures to promote cooperation in other areas such as economy and security as a way of thawing overall relations.
Deog Jun Kim said: "As you know, most of the mobiles have a built-in camera, and this is not difficult at all to implement on our products.
Sin Deog Ha Jeong (South Korea) E-SAMUEL INDONESIA, PT US$ 106,000 1.
briathar chorgais cen nach ndichmaircc deog nepnairc(15) rath rigmaicc(16) [I do not awaken to an unworthy poem after beautiful and sweet-dreamed sleep.
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Insight: Yungon Go, Eun Kyung Kim, Jung Sook Park and Deog Jung Gwon visit Pertemps People Development Group.
Meanwhile, GNP Vice President Kim Deog Ryong said, "Voters should make a wise choice to keep under check the arrogance and running-alone attitude of the government and the ruling party."
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